How to CREATE an account, REGISTER, CANCEL a clinic, OR EDIT your Account



  • You may only register one family member at a time.  MUST LOG OUT after registering first family member and LOG IN for next family member to register.

  • Go to Clinic Schedule and click on the clinic you wish to register for.

  • Click on "Log in" button.  Log in using your given first name (example:  Thomas not Tom), last name and birthdate.

  • If you are a recertifying referee click on "Proceed to Next Step".

  • New Referees need to create an account at this point. Click on the "Click Here" link in the box at the top of the page.  Fill out the biographical information for your account (make sure to use an e-mail that is checked frequently).  Read and check boxes at the bottom,  and click on the "submit" button.

  • Then click on the "Register for a Clinic" bar. Complete the information.

  • Once you hit "Submit", a page will appear with a box that says "Log in successful, you may now register for a clinic, view your schedule or edit your account".  Click on the "Register for a Clinic" bar and the clinic you originally opened should appear.

  • Review, then read the" Release of Liability", check the boxes.

  • At this point, you will be asked for payment.  Complete the required information.

  • Read the "Cancellation Policy" and check box that you have read and understand the policy, electronic signature, then hit "Submit"

  • Confirmation page will appear that says "Congratulations, you have successfully registered....".  It will then tell you "NEXT STEP" is US Soccer Registration Form.

  • Click and complete form, print two copies (bring one to clinic, keep one for your records), sign, date, and check yes or no in the felony box.

  • You will also receive a confirmation e-mail for your clinic.


  • When the above page appears saying,"Congratulations you are successfully registered....", AND you have completed your registration form as instructed, Click on the "BACK" bar to the left, NOT the back arrow at the top.

  • Open the clinic you just registered for and the following icons will appear - Register for Clinic; View your Schedule; Edit  your Account; Cancel a Clinic; and Log Out.

  • Click on the LOG OUT bar (last icon to the right) and you are done.

  • If you are registering for multiple family members, after clicking the "Log Out" icon, find the clinic you wish to register 2nd family member for, open, and click on LOG IN to register them.


  • Go to the "CLINIC SCHEDULE" link under the CLINICS TAB at the top of our website and open.  Click on the clinic you wish to cancel to open the clinic.

  • Click the "Login" bar, fill in your first name, last name, and birthdate EXACTLY as you did when you created your account.  Click on "Proceed to next step".

  • A group of bars will appear (Register for a Clinic, View Your Schedule, Edit Your Account, Cancel a Clinic, Log Out).

  • Click on the "Cancel a Clinic" link.

  • Any clinic you are registered for will appear on this page.

  • Click on the "Cancel Clinic" bar in the right column for clinic you wish to cancel.

  • It will ask you "Are you sure?", before clicking ok.

  • A page will appear that says "Clinic Registration Cancelled".

  • You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail regarding your cancellation.

  • Cancellation deadline is same date as Registration Deadline.


  • Go to any clinic on the CLINIC SCHEDULE and open.  Click on the "Log In" bar and fill in your log in information exactly as you did when you first registered (first name, last name and birthdate). 

  • Click on the "Edit your Account" bar (may have to click the "Back" button, not back arrow first) and edit any information that you need to change, then click "Submit". 

  • If you have a question regarding your Grade level, please contact the office at 847-690-9881.