RECERTIFYING Grassroots Referees - Certification Requirements



(US Soccer Learning Center)

  • REMINDER:  BACKGROUND CHECK (IF 18 years of age or older):  MUST submit AND CLEAR before system allows you to sign up for course.
  • SAFE SPORT TRAINING (IF 18 years of age or older) (1 ½-2 hours)
  • INTRO TO SAFE and HEALTHY PLAYING ENVIRONMENTS (approx. ½ hour) - all recertifying referees

ABOVE ITEMS may be completed while waiting for background check to clear by going to AVAILABLE COURSES, then Supplemental Courses (above will show as first 3 items under Supplemental Courses).

  • ONLING TRAINING COURSE - (4 ½-5 hours) - all recertifying referees
  • ONLINE QUIZ - (approx. ½ hour) - all recertifying referees
  • MUST complete ALL online requirements ONE WEEK prior to in-person course to receive a badge at in-person course

ALL RECERTIFING Referees require a TWO STEP process.

  • STEP ONE – Register through US Soccer’s Learning Center for on-line requirements/assignments.
  • STEP TWO – Register through ISRC website for in-person course. 
  • REMINDER, if you are 18 years of age or older, you cannot register for Learning Center online course or ISRC in-person course until you have submitted AND cleared a background check.

To complete both Step One and Two above, you will need to:

  1. Go to US Soccer’s Learning Center at:
  2. If you have NOT set up a profile, you must click on SIGN UP, complete all information and submit.
  3. Check for your License History.  If you do not see it, the system has created a duplicate account and will only recognize you as a NEW referee.  Contact US Soccer’s Learning Center at                   
  4. If profile is set up, and background check has cleared, simply log in, then
  5. Click on COURSES at top of page, then click on AVAILABLE COURSES
  6. Under License Pathway click on Grassroots - Recertifying Referees, then click on Go to Course List on the upper right.
  7. Under the box labeled TITLE, just type in the following exactly as it appears in large bold type and it will pop up: 

    Chicagoland & N. Illinois - Grassroots Re-certification 2020 (Recertifying Grassroots Referees) 2:   (date will show as March 23, 2020)

  8. Click on COURSE DETAILS to register.  In upper right of page, it will say PROCEED TO REGISTRATION.
  9. Once registered, click on COURSES at top, then MY COURSES, then GO TO CLASSROOM and then click on the ASSIGNMENTS tab at top of the page to complete online requirements. 
  10. FINAL STEP for recertifying referees will be to go to the ISRC website to sign up for the required in-person course (all fees are paid through Learning Center):  Click on the LOCATION drop-down box for easy access to a full list of recertification in-person courses by town.