Background Check

ISRC's Risk Management Policy requires all Referees, 18 years of age or older and officiating any US Soccer affliated games (including all Youth and Adult games), to complete a background check each calendar year.


  • Information for Background Check MUST be same as information on US Soccer Registration form. If not, you may be asked to re-submit at your own expense.

  • When completing the form, if you have no middle name, type "NONE" in the 'middle name' field.  If left blank, background check cannot be completed, causing delays.

  • $16.50 charge by SportsEngine to complete (effective February, 2018)

  • MUST be completed each calendar year.

  • Bring copy of receipt to clinic.

  • MUST be cleared before receiving US Soccer Referee Badge.

  • Use the following link to complete the Background Check:   Background Check