Concussion Awareness Training

Due to increased awareness of concussions, there is now a mandate that all Referees complete the online concussion training.

The ISRC wholly  supports the educational purposes of the concussion awareness requirement. Please be reminded that the assessment of any injury, including concussion-like symptoms to a player, is the responsibility of the coach/trainer associated with the team.

CONCUSSION AWARENESS TRAINING - MUST use this link through Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to complete Concussion Awareness Training; click on the "Launch the HEADS UP Course" link when page opens:

  • Currently a one-time requirement.
  • Required for New/Entry level referees.  
  • Required for any recertifying referee who has not previously completed this course. 
  • OVERVIEW CONCUSSION MODULE associated with the ONLINE TRAINING MODULES through US Soccer is NOT acceptable.
  • Takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • No Charge!
  • Print Certificate of Completion and bring to Clinic.
  • MUST be completed before receiving US Soccer Referee Badge.