Online Training Modules (Required for 1-Day Entry Clinic Only)

 Use the links below to access Online Training Modules (English or Spanish)

  • Follow links below to access Online Training Modules (English or Spanish)
  • Use different e-mails if multiple family members are completing modules to be assured you get certificates for each family member.
  • Completion of ALL 17 modules (Laws of the Game) required. Takes approximately 5-6 hours.
  • DO NOT COMPLETE "Concussion in Soccer Overview" module - Start with "Law 1 - Field of Play"
  • Bring copy of all 17 Certificates to be admitted to the Clinic.
  • Certificates will be reviewed and returned to you.

Although certificates are e-mailed after the completion of each Law, we STRONGLY URGE you to print the certificate as you go.  A certificate CANNOT be re-printed once you leave the module.

Guest Book sign-in: 

  • Click on first law you wish to complete. A registration window will appear.
  • First Name (use GIVEN NAME)
  • Last Name
  • Email (Certificates will be sent to this e-mail - use one that is checked frequently).
  • State Association - choose Illinois
  • Clinic Number - Leave blank
  • Check "Remember Me" if you do not want to re-type all information each time.

You do NOT need to complete all 17 Laws in one sitting. However, if you leave the Law before completing the Examination portion, you will need to repeat that Law.

ENGLISH:    Laws of the Game Modules

SPANISH:    Laws of the Game Modules