Background Check

Effective with the 2015 Soccer Season, any referees, 18 years of age and older, officiating USSF-Affiliated games, including both youth and adult/amateur games, and ALL Assessors, Assignors, and Instructors in Illinois must complete a Background Check each calendar year.  Only one Background Check per year needs to be completed regardless of the number of positions you hold (ie. Assignor AND Instructor.)

  •  The cost of the Background, at your own expense, payable by credit card on-line.
  • MUST use the same information that is on your USSF Registration form (use legal name).  If you do not use the same information, you will be required to submit another background check at your own expense.
  • If you are not sure what information you used, please contact our Office at the number below.
  • If you turn 18 years old during the course of the year, you must complete a Background Check at the time of your 18th birthday.

In order to complete a Background Check please PRINT and follow the instructions listed below (complete after November 1st of each year for the following calendar year):

  1. Go directly to the Sportngin using the following link:    Background Check   
  2. LOG IN if you already have an account and proceed to Step 5, OR
  3. Choose SIGN UP option and create an account IF you do not already have one (a confirmation e-mail will be sent in order for you to activate your account).
  4. Activating your accout from the confirmation e-mail will take you directly to the appropriate page.
  5. Make sure to click REFEREE on the first page, then follow the instructions and prompts.
  6. Allow 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS for completion!

Questions should be directed to the ISRC Office at 847-690-9881 or e-mail us at