Maintenance Requirements

In addition to annual recertification clinic and exam:

FITNESS TESTS are required each year for Referee Grades 6 and 5.   Grade 7 Referees annual recertification Fitness Test as Determined by Competition.  Referees are notified of the dates when scheduled.

NO ASSESSMENTS will be scheduled without prior payment. We make every effort to accommodate requests for assessments. However, we are sometimes unable to obtain an assessor depending upon amount of time given to schedule the assessment or other events and activities that might be taking place.

  • When you receive a game assignment, complete the appropriate "Maintenance Assessment Form" below and submit with your check to the ISRC Office at the address below.
  • We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to schedule and ensure availability of assessor.
  • NO requests by e-mail or fax will be accepted. We cannot guarantee an assessor can be scheduled without proper notice.


Illinois Soccer Referee Committee
1655 S. Arlington Heights Rd. - Suite 207
Arlington Heights, IL 60005


MAINTENANCE ASSESSMENTS for those referees who need them are listed by grade level as follows:

  • Referee Grade 7 - One developmental assessment at any level designated by the state (U-17 or higher recommended), if adopted by state. May also be completed at a tournament if the game is at least U-15 or higher.
  • Referee Grade 6 -  MUST pass two field assessments in the Center.  One must be on an affiliated competitive adult league in the top Divsion as follows:  U-23, Open, or O-30.  Over 40 and older affiliated competitive adult matches are NOT acceptable.
  • Referee Grade 5 - National Candidates - completed through the ISRC as directed by the SRA and State Director of Assessments.