Is there a minimum age to become a referee?
The USSF has no minimum age requirement. However, in Illinois you must be at least 12 years of age to obtain a work permit for youth sporting events. However, some clubs/leagues have a minimum age requirement to referee their games. Check with your local club before registering for a clinic.
May I arrive late or leave early for a clinic?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! It is disruptive to the class and unfair to those who are there for the entire clinic.
Are there different options for New Referees?
Yes. Grade 9 Recreational Referee (not posted on the web) - Check with your local club. Grade 8 Entry Level Referee - May do both centers and lines for both non-competitive and competitive games.
What are the costs involved?
There is both a clinic and USSF Registration fee. Total costs for a Grade 8 Referee would be $75.00. This would not include the cost of the Referee Uniform. The Referee Uniform would be the Referee's expense.
When and where do I pay the fees?
Payment is made online at the time of registration. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards are all accepted. Please read our cancellation policy carefully.
When are clinics conducted?
There are a few recertification clinics and a couple of Entry clinics between July and December for the following soccer year. However, most clinics are held between January and March of each year (approximately 150) for that soccer year.
Does the ISRC Office maintain waiting lists for clinics?
No. However, if a clinic is full, you may go as a walk-in. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time and get your name on the "walk-in sign-in sheet". Payment is made once you are admitted to the Clinic - cash or check only. Credit Cards are not accepted on-site. NOTE: There is a $10 walk-in fee in addition to the Clinic/Registration fee. The ISRC can not guarantee a spot to any walk-in.
Do I need to recertify each year?
Yes! A 1-day recertification clinic is required for all Referees Grade 8 and higher. Grade 9 Referees are also required to recertify each year but must take a Grade 9 Recreational clinic. If a Grade 9 Referee wishes to upgrade to a Grade 8, they must take an ENTRY level clinic.