Current Referee List

Certified Referee List and Pending List updated 6-2-18:

  •  5,417 Referees--includes NEW Referees and out-of-state Referees who have met IL requirements.  All clinics have been processed.  

  • There are 153 Pending Referees who have taken a clinic but still have requirements to be met (all have been sent at least two written notices. 

  • List of "Pending" Referees has been added below. 

  • If a Referee is not on either list, they have NOT taken a 2018 Clinic.  Last Recert Clinic for 2018 was May 20th.

  • OUT-OF-STATE Referees MUST contact ISRC office for IL requirements before being assigned to any USSF-affiliated games in Illinois (allow 2-4 weeks for requirements)! 

PASSWORD: The password to access this information is only provided by the Illinois Soccer Referee Committee and is not to be given out or information contained on the list used for personal gain under any circumstances.

2018 Certified US Soccer Referees:

2018 PENDING US Soccer Referees (153 as of 6-2-18):