The resources provided on the left are to assist you in developing as a referee.

(Updated 3-3-20)

The ISRC has published some new YouTube videos describing the registration process. If you're still having trouble with registration, we hope they can guide you through the process.

Thank you for your patience as we all work through the 2020 registration. Please don't delay!  Some leagues are starting next week and we don't want you to miss any games.

Individual video links are:
      Step 1 - Profile
      Step 2 – Background Screening
      Step 3 – Recertifying Refs: Chicagoland & N. Illinois
      Step 3A – Recertifying Downstate Refs

2019-2020 LAWS OF THE GAME Changes:

Laws of the Game - Summary/Changes (Summary of Laws/Changes - 17 pages)

Laws of the Game - MAIN Changes (Provides amended text and rationale - 122 pages)

Laws of the Game - Changes and Clarification (For Coaches - 4 pages)


2019-2020 IFAB LAWS OF THE GAME Book:

Laws of the Game (English - Booklet Format - 124 pages)

Laws of the Game (English - Portrait Format - 246 pages)

Laws of the Game (Español - Booklet Format - 132 pages)

Laws of the Game (Español - Portrait Format - 262 pages)