2016 New/Entry Clinics are over.  Will start posting by early November for 2017.

AGE REQUIREMENT:   Any new Referee MUST be 12 years old on or before MARCH 31st.


LINKS for all requirements are below (registration form, background check, concussion awareness course, and online training modules for 1-day Entry clinics).  ALL requirements must be met in order to receive your USSF Referee Badge. 

  • REFEREE GRADES refer to USSF REFEREE Grade NOT School Grade!!!
  • LATE ARRIVAL OR EARLY DEPARTURE:  May not arrive late or leave early - NO exceptions!
  • LAPSE in REGISTRATION:  Anyone who lets their USSF Registration lapse may need to take Entry Level Clinic.  If not sure which clinic you need, contact the ISRC or take the Entry level clinic.  Anyone needing an Entry and taking only a Recertification Clinic will NOT have their registration processed.
  • NEW REFEREES required to take "Referee Clinic - Entry Only".  Certifies you as a Grade 8 Referee.  
  • Recreational Referees (Grade 9) wishing to move up to a Grade 8 Referee MUST take Entry Clinic.
  • Grade 7 Referees required to take "Referee Clinic - Intermediate" or "Referee Clinic - Advanced"
  • State and State Emeritus Referees required to take "Referee Clinic - Advanced"
  • ASSISTANT REFEREE (Grade 12) has been eliminated by USSF effective 2015, and current Gr. 12 Referees who have not certified since 2014 MUST take the ENTRY level clinic to become a Gr. 8.

icon Registration Form - Fill out, print 2 copies, and bring one copy to clinic.  Use given name with nickname in parenthesis, ie. John (Jack).  Pay @ clinic (check-payable to ISRC, or cash-exact amount -- we do not accept credit cards).  Fees posted with each clinic.  

Background Check(If link does not open, copy and paste the following URL)
Required every calendar year for anyone 18 years or older!  Anyone turning 18 during the year, must complete a background check at the time of your 18th birthdate. NOT required if under 18 years old.   Bring copy of receipt to class.   
Information for Background Check MUST be same as information on your Registration FormIf not, may be asked to resubmit at your own expense.  MUST be completed before receiving USSF Referee Badge. 
ISRC's Risk Management Policy requires all Referees, 18 years or older and officiating any USSF-affiliated games (includes all Youth and Adult/Amateur games), to complete a background check every year.   

Concussion Awareness Course:   One-time requirement!  MUST USE THIS LINK.  US Soccer Overview is NOT acceptable. Bring copy of Certificate to your Clinic.  If completed and submitted in 2015, do NOT need to do.  (If link does not open, copy and paste the following URL) 
Due to increased awareness of concussions, there is now a mandate that all Referees complete the online concussion course.  It takes less than an hour and there is no charge
The ISRC wholly supports the educational purposes of the concussion awareness requirement.  Please be reminded that the assessment of any injury, including concussion-like symptoms to a player, is the responsibility of the coach/trainer associated with the team.  MUST be completed before receiving USSF Referee Badge.  Do NOT fax or email to Office. 

Clinic Schedule:  Schedule your clinic.  This is a 2-step process (create an account, then sign up for clinic).  Will need information from specific clinic to sign-in for online portion of 1-day Entry Clinic. 

Grade 8 Entry (New) Online Training Module (English)  MUST do Concussion Training through above link.  US Soccer Concussion Overview is NOT acceptable.  You may skip the Concusssion Overview module when doing the Online Training Modules.  If link does not open, copy and paste the following URL:


Grade 8 Entry (New) Online Training Module (Spanish)  MUST do Concussion Training through above link.  US Soccer Concussion Overview is NOT acceptable.  You may skip the Concusssion Overview module when doing the Online Training Modules.   If link does not open, copy and paste the following URL:

This is a good Review for Recertifying Referees but not required!

  • If signed up for the 1-day Grade 8 Entry Clinic with the online component, must complete all 17 Laws of the Game.  Do not need if signed up for 2-day Classroom Entry Clinic. 
  • A Certificate of Completion MUST BE printed for each Law of the Game, and a copy brought with you to the Clinic to be admitted (will receive Certificate of Completions by e-mail after each Law), OR
  • Click on GREEN HIGHLIGHTED BOX in upper right-hand corner that says "Completion criteria have been met".  Click on box to open.  Options are given to print Certificate immediately.  STRONGLY URGE YOU TO PRINT AS YOU GO as you cannot print after the fact.  Contact ISRC immediately if any problems.
  • May do at your own pace, but if you leave in the middle of a Law, must start THAT Law over when you resume.
  • DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO COMPLETE!!  Takes approximately 4-5 hours!!!!! 

Steps are listed below for Guestbook sign-in for Online Training Module:

  • Click on first Law you wish to do and a window will appear to sign in as follows:
  • First Name (use given name)
  • Last Name
  • Email (use one that is checked frequently to receive Certificates of Completion.  We recommend printing each Certificate at end of each law) 
  • State Association - Select Illinois
  • Birthdate - Optional
  • If it asks for a Clinic Number, fill in location (town) and date of clinic
  • Check "Remember Me" if you do not want to have to log in each time you return to the site.