What is it? Professional character, spirit, or methods

Professionalism is the key to earning respect and moving up the ladder.  Demonstrating professional behavior will earn you respect from players, spectators, media, fellow officials.  Unprofessional behavior will result in loss of respect for you and for other referees.

ON THE FIELD: Regardless whether you are refereeing a U-8 game or an MLS game, you should always conduct yourself in a professional manner.

OFF THE FIELD: Your demeanor off the field, locally or when traveling out-of-state, should reflect all of the above. Remember, you are representing the State of Illinois when you referee a match, whether in Illinois or out-of-state, and will be judged by your off the field demeanor as well as how you perform on the field.

When should it be demonstrated. .  . .AT ALL TIMES!!!

Remember that perception is reality in our profession. If people think that we act unprofessionally, they will treat us accordingly!