Clinic Request Forms (To Host a Clinic)

2020 Clinic Request Form  No Clinic will be posted until the person requesting the clinic has reviewed the form with the ISRC Office. 

(Updated 12-16-19)

GRASSROOTS Entry and Recertification Courses are designed for any Competitive (Travel) clubs or leagues affiliated with USSF.  To be affiliated with US Soccer, you must be affiliated with one of the following:

Any USSF affiliated club or league wishing to host an Entry or Recertification Level Referee Clinic may do so by clicking on the form below: 

Please contact ISRC Office at 847-690-9881 before submitting a Clinic Request if you have any questions!!!

2020 Clinic Request Form- for Grassroots Entry or Recertification (Grade levels have been eliminated - Grassroots covers Grade 7, Grade 8, and Grade 9)

Recreational Referee Clinics are no longer available per US Soccer.  Current Grade 9 referees would take a Grassroots course.