Assignor Requirements

  1. Minimum age 18.  Must be familiar with the process of becoming a registered referee.
  2. CLINIC - MUST take Entry level Assignor Clinic to become an Assignor, and meet all other requirements.
  3. Once Certified, MUST RECERTIFY each year by attending Recertification Assignor Clinic and meet all other requirements.
  4. USSF Registration Form and Assignor Fee of $10.00, payable to ISRC:     Complete and bring to clinic (saves time).  icon USSF Registration Form
  5. ASSIGNOR Statement:  Must sign and submit at clinic (saves time).   icon Assignor Statement  
  6. LEAGUE Verification:  A letter from the Club or League you will be assigning for, on their letterhead, submitted to the ISRC office at   Should include their capacity with the Club/League/Tournament, year you are assigning, and in what capacity (Club AR, League games, Tournament, etc.)  Sample Letter to be available soon.
  7. Background Check:   Must complete every  year (effective 2015) if assigning USSF-affiliated games, including both youth and adult/amateur games.  Bring copy of receipt to clinic.  Link for Background Check:
  8. Concussion Awareness Training:  Must complete and submit Certificate of Completion at clinic.  This is currently a one-time requirement.  If needed, complete and bring copy of Certificate to Clinic.  LINK for Concussion Awareness Training:
  9. Abuse Prevention Training (link available soon-temporarily disabled for maintenance): In compliance with the Federal Statue Protecting Young Victims from Sexual and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 that was passed on 2/14/2018, effective immediately, Abuse Prevention Training is mandatory for ALL referees, assessors, assignors and instructors, 18 years of age or older.
  • Required every two years (based on calendar year) for anyone 18 years of age or older.
  • Training completed through SportNgin at no charge.
  • Takes approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours with a test at the end of the training session (does not need to be completed in one session).
  • If completed through above link (when available), do NOT need to bring Certificates to clinic.  However, retain a copy for your records.

TOURNAMENT ASSIGNORS:  MUST be 21 years old to assign Illinois Youth Soccer Association sanctioned Tournaments.   In addition, ALL Tournament Assignors are required to attend the IYSA Tournament Assignors Meeting every year in order to assign IYSA Sanctioned Tournaments. 

No one shall assign or appoint a referee, assistant referee or fourth official in any match under the jurisdiction (direct or indirect) of the Federation who is not registered as a Referee Assignor with the Federation for the current year. The State Association, League, or Tournament may appoint an unregistered assignor in an emergency who may not serve past the end of the current seasonal year without becoming registered. This section does not apply to an assignment to any youth recreational or house league match.